SOS Mobile
With GPS Locating

SOS Mobile:

In-home and Mobile medical alert pendant. 

SOS Mobile is a two-way voice emergency alert pendant that connects users to help anywhere in the US where there is 4G AT&T coverage, utilizing GPS locating technology. This unit is shower-safe and its rechargeable battery lasts up to 7days per charge. Now you're free to take SOS out into the yard, to the grocery store, or even to the movies.


- Mobile protection and 4G coverage for both inside and outside the home

- Works anywhere in U.S. with available AT&T cellular coverage

- Utilizing GPS and Cellular Triangulation Locating technologies

- Two-way voice communication through unit

- 24/7 Emergency monitoring centers

- Battery lasts up to 7 days on a single charge

- Small, Lightweight and Shower-safe

- Programmed monthly functionality testing


Family/ Care Giver Tracking & Monitoring:

- Get notified when an emergency occurs

- Locate quickly by just sending a text

- Get Low Battery or Power Off Alerts

How it Works!